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Le Chat Noir: a charming pedigree

Yesterday a mythical cabaret, today a 4-star boutique-hotel … Time may have gone by but this address lives on in the present … and an extremely attractive one at that! At the foot of Montmartre village and down the street from the flamboyant Moulin Rouge, Le Chat Noir pads lightly into Sopi. In an ideal hideaway that offers a cozy, casual, inviting lifestyle, this tabby’s got a playful flair!

With its spontaneous mood accented by vintage furniture and a second-hand bohemian look so integral to the neighborhood, its authentic palette of black, brown paper, zinc and brick plays up a feline mystery … There’s no doubt about it, Le Chat Noir’s unique patina, so full of history, beckons visitors with its relaxing mood. The ideal stop for those who want to take advantage of one of Paris’ liveliest neighborhoods.

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Hotel le Chat Noir - Accueil

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Hotel le Chat Noir - Accueil

Come and taste our delicious croissants early in the morning for breakfast!

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Hôtel le Chat Noir


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